Safe and sustainable demolition

Anyone can knock down a building, but safe, responsible and sustainable demolition calls for expertise and experience: that's why it pays to talk to JAC about your next demolition project. We know how to handle every kind of work, from specialist demolition to safely taking down redundant multi-storey buildings, dismantling reinforced concrete structures and stripping out commercial interiors ready for refurbishment and refit. For demolition that's safe and environmentally responsible, you should talk to us.

From planning to ground clearance

We have worked on the successful demolition of everything from damaged structures to redundant office blocks, and know that careful planning and detailed surveys are essential preparations – before any onsite work starts. Everything we do complies fully with relevant regulations, and we obtain all necessary permits and sanctions. Our planning process includes timescales, risk assessments, safety procedures, traffic controls, waste disposal and environmental protection. The objective is to deliver a cleared site with minimal disruption, maximum efficiency and total safety. For more information about our professional demolition service, contact us.

Demolition, dismantling or strip-out

Every demolition project we handle is different, which is why we plan so carefully. Some buildings can be demolished using conventional methods and without causing any disruption to adjacent structures or the local environment. However, in restricted locations such as city centres, we can employ specialised techniques, using diamond cutting machinery and small breakers to dismantle a building floor-by-floor. We utilise similar equipment and methods to strip-out buildings, leaving a clean shell ready for refurbishment and internal rebuilding. In every case, we work to a carefully prepared plan to ensure optimum safety and minimal local disruption. To discuss your demolition project, contact us.

Green thinking from the top down

At JAC, we are fully aware of the need to minimise our environmental footprint, and to achieve this we put sustainability at the core of our business processes. This is particularly important in the way we handle demolition projects. These always incorporate specific procedures for minimising the impact of dust and noise on the local environment, and a statement of intent concerning waste handling and recovery. Where possible we segregate waste onsite, with the objective of maximising the amount of material that can be recycled, reused or repurposed. If you share our commitment to environmental protection, you should contact us to discuss your next project.

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